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Using Science based methods to put your dog on the road to long term success minus the use of any harsh techniques by

  • Being Understanding of your animal and

  • Using Patience and Understanding to Help guide their ability to respond with acceptable behaviors

  • Puppy Training

  • General Obedience

  • Behavioral Modification

  • Fear Aggression

  • Leash Aggression

  • Multiple Dogs in one household


I jokingly call myself the dog whisper! Most pets I guess are just drawn to me, I think it’s because I have that playful and goofy heart.

I left the corporate world as a Business analyst because I found myself traveling all the time and being away from the fur family that I loved. I started this business on the premise of giving people peace of mind when it comes to their furry family members. I know how hard it is to find someone you can trust and rely on to take care of your pets when you have a last-minute emergency, busy work life or just that well-deserved vacation. I’ve had that feeling! Well I’m your girl! My name is Jazz and I’m here to make your pet care less stressful.

Being a military daughter myself, I also understand when one pet hero is deployed that it puts a strain on the rest of the family to get everything done, let me help! It really is a childhood dream for me to surround myself with the animal kingdom I love and caring for the wild and the wonderful! I am well-versed in special needs, behavior training, safety and animal CPR. I know the importance of details and routine for the health of your pet. I offer dog walking, sitting in your home or mine as well as medication camouflage and the art of pill to treat ratios for those who are a little sneaky! It would be my pleasure and honor to care for your family member when you can’t be there. Put your trust in me! I’m Jazz and I’m Pawesome!!


There is a huge range in expertise and ethics out there. Be sure to find someone who is well-versed in using positive reinforcement and who is and will be as kind to your dog as they are to you. Find a trainer that will will take the time to teach and show you how your body language communicates with your dog. 

We offer free in home consultations and we do not have a "one fix for all" training plan that others offer as we believe all dogs are different and learn on their own pace. 

Current Running Special

6 Week Dog Training Transformation

I help Young Professionals with rescue dogs  transform frustrating leash reactivity into fun adventures and peaceful walks in your neighborhood.  I do this by   (1)teaching you about dog behavior, (2)immediately implementing some management strategies to eliminate barking, and (3)enabling you to transform your dog’s behavior with positive reinforcement training methods   so that  both ends of the leash can love walks for the lifetime of the dog.


  • 6 Private In-Home Lessons

  • 6 Skype Video Calls

  • Lifetime Membership to Online Support Group

  • 6 Weeks Phone, Email, & Text Support

  • 1 Extra Private Lesson to Use in 12 Months

  • All Training Tools Provided

  • Price: $208/Week

  • Total for 6 weeks (all of the abover included) $1249

Text 321 557 1377 to schedule your free in home consultation

In Home Sitting

If you're looking for something outside of having yourfur baby kenneled at your local vet, look no further. We bring peace of mind to you by staying with your fur baby in your home. We take over your daily schedule and you get to spare your furry family member the anxiety you often see in animals who leave the kennel looking more distressted and exhausted than they did when you dropped them off. This is always because they had a great time laying with other pups. It is usually due to the volume of all of the other animals being together in one room and the kennels are not sound proof. 

Overnight stays include feeding schedules, overnight stays with the babies and matching your routine to the best of our ability based off of our pre-planned schedule for that day. We will not agree to an overnight stay without an in home meet and greet that way we can ensure that all parties are comfortable with each other to give you that additional peace of mind that they will be okay while you take some time away. Give us a call. 

“Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy”

Lao Tzu

Dog Walker at the Park


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Call (904) 503-0966

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